Al Kamal American International School-Halwan

“Al Kamal American International School- Halwan was founded in 2017. It is a progressive American curriculum school for K-12, which prepares its students for the evolving world. It has been recently accredited in 2020. With teachers coming from various backgrounds, each one comes with their own style and diverse approach in teaching and learning. The learning community is diverse with its students and perspective about the world. We take this as an advantage to learn from one another and to grow as a collective cultural soul in our beautiful Sharjah society. We see learning as a multi-level concept involving individual behavior, teamwork, and organization-wide practices and culture as being the heart of efficacious development. Each student learns at his or her own pace with instruction meant to build the inner foundations to meet the standards. Every year, we continue to engage with parents, staff, and students to enhance and customize the educational experience. It is the only way we can stay on target with our mission. Sharing a vision centered on the learning of all students helps to embed our systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge.”

School Facilities

About Our School

  • An integrated educational organization at the highest levels of safety and protection
  • A distinguished American curriculum according to the highest standards and at reasonable prices
  • The school is accredited for Five Years by Cognia (formerly) AdvancED
  • The school has been rated as “Developed” during the Distance Learning Review Visit DLRV by ITQAN
  • Specialized, experienced and highly qualified teachers and Leaders
  • Club for the Gifted and Outstanding students

* 3 Computer Labs
* 4 Scientific Laboratories
* Activities halls.Indoor and outdoor play areas

Our Features

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