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Current AKAIS Learning Model


Hybrid Model 

– Students who choose this model will attend in-person instruction only on their assigned A or B days. Students in the A group will attend in-person instruction on day and other days online designated by phase. Students in the B group will only attend classes online.

– No student will be allowed in the school building on the days they are assigned to virtual learning.

Virtual/Distance Learning Only Model

– Students who choose this model will not receive in-person instruction. They will participate in virtual learning activities only.

– Students may receive online instruction from more than one teacher, but your child’s supervisor will coordinate his/her learning experiences and serve as your main point of contact. 

– Virtual learning expectations will vary from grade level to grade level based on the child’s developmental level and learning needs.

– We are required to take daily attendance for our virtual learning students.


Online Learning Expectations:



– Students/parents will communicate with school about technology and internet needs.

– For the 2020-2021 school year, Al Kamal American School will use Google Classroom, ClassDojo, MS TEAMS as the basis for classwork, as the online learning platform.  You must have a dependable wireless connection and Google Chrome as a browser.

– Students will need a device with a microphone and camera on it. We recommend that students avoid the use of a cell phone for online learning if possible. The phones are not always compatible with the online learning platform/experiences.  


– Students are expected to participate in virtual learning as often as you participate in face-to-face school. This means students must log in daily, and complete any check-ins, assignments, reading, etc. within the time frame provided by your teacher.

– We are required to track and report attendance on all virtual learning days.  A student will be considered absent when he or she fails to login and complete the designated assignments/meets that day.

Learning Expectations

– Students will be expected to log into their MS TEAMS on their virtual learning days, complete all assignments, and maintain communication with their teacher(s).

– Students need to complete all assignments by the assigned due date/time.

– Students will be expected to respond to any teacher emails or questions on assignments within 24 hours.

– Virtual learning may take different forms based on your child’s grade and developmental level.  Refer to the Al Kamal Student schedule.

– All student work will be graded using our traditional standards based grading system.  Students will receive a standards based report card at the end of each trimester.

To safeguard staff and students please follow these guidelines:

Students must:

– Be on time for live sessions

– NOT start any live sessions by their own.

– Participate in the live sessions effectively to ensure they are learning

– Ask their teachers if they need any kelp or extra support

– Submit their assignments according the deadlines set by teachers.

– Use appropriate language at all times

– Use neutral language at all times in order to prevent any misunderstanding of intent

– Respect other student’s right to privacy.

– Be dressed appropriately at all times when on visible online

– Not distract their classmates or interrupt teaching in any way

– Report to their teacher or section supervisor in case any technical problem happens

Parents Must:

– All parents must ensure that their children have the necessary devices and the internet connection

– Primary parents must ensure an adult is with their child during MS Team live lessons

– Provide their children with a calm environment to help them focus on their learning

– Not interfere in live sessions or teachers’ instructional methods in anyway. They are more likely advised to send their suggestions to the section supervisors or the HODs.

– Respond to section supervisors’ messages and feedback about their children’s learning. Attendance and progress

– Ask for support in case any technical or academic problem happens


Technical and Software Guidance


Suitable material

We encourage students to see the Internet as a rich and challenging resource, but we also recognize that it can be difficult to navigate and find useful and appropriate material. Where possible we provide students with suggestions for suitable sites across the curriculum and staff MUST always check the suitability of websites before letting the children use them or using them in teaching.

Unsuitable Material

The school will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that users access only the appropriate material. However, due to the global and connected nature of Internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that access to unsuitable material will never occur via websites and browsers during asynchronous sessions. The school can NOT accept liability for the material accessed, or any consequences resulting from Internet use. Students are taught to always report such experiences directly to an adult at the time they occur at home or in school, so that action can be taken.

The action will include:

1).Making a note of the website and any other websites linked to it.

2). Informing the ICT technician in case they provide support of blocking these websites

3).Reporting the incident to the school leadership team represented by section supervisors who will then record the incident and deal with the concern as appropriate and possible

Cyber bullying- Online Bullying and Harassment

Cyber bullying (along with all other forms of bullying) of any member of the school community will not be tolerated. Full details are set out in the school’s policy on school community will not be tolerated. Full details are set out in the school’s policy on anti-bullying and behavior. There are clear procedures in place to support anyone in the school community affected by cyber bullying. All incidents of cyber bullying reported to the school will be recorded and will be dealt with. There will be clear procedures in place to investigate incidents or allegations of Cyber bullying.

How will complaints regarding online safety be handled?

Complaints of Internet misuse will be dealt with under the School’s Complaints Procedure. Any complaint about staff misuse will be referred to the section supervisor. Any issues (including sanctions) will be dealt with according to the school’s disciplinary, behavior and child protection procedures. All online safeguarding complaints and incidents will be recorded by the school, including any actions taken.

All members of the school community will be reminded about safe and appropriate behavior online and the importance of not posting any content, comments, images or videos online which cause harm, distress or offence to any other members of the school community.

All members of the school community will need to be aware of the importance of confidentiality and the need to follow the official school procedures for reporting concerns. In case an incident happens, actions will be taken and may result in the suspension of the student from the school platform which can last for 2 or 3 days.