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Student Counseling

Student Counseling


Counseling is a school service which we take great pride in. We have multiple counselors for various need. We also have a special needs counselor (SEN) to help propel the student’s academic progress.  They not only have specialized knowledge in supporting students as they navigate the academic program, they also have training in establishing safe learning environments, monitoring and responding to behavior to improve school climate, and creating relationships between students, teachers and parents that promote greater interpersonal connections.

No longer are school counselors consider a resource for identified students – all students deserve and have the right to the fundamental resources and services provided by school counselors. Students may contact any of our counselors or supervisors at any time regarding any concerns. Parents are informed of any issues and welcomed to share their concerns. We work together for solutions. School counselors are uniquely trained as educators and mental health service providers and as such are often the first point of contact for students and their families.


Our school Counselors


– Develop, plan, implement, and evaluate a school counseling program that includes academic, career, personal, and social development

– Advocate for the high academic achievement and social development of all students

– Provide school-wide prevention and intervention strategies and counseling services

– Provide consultation, training, and staff development to teachers and parents

– Ensure School and online safe learning for children

– Assist in helping students do well in classes through solving issues students may face that may be caused from non-academic concerns

Changes in demographics, family structures, mental health concerns, expanding communication systems, advancements in technology and the ever increasing need to prepare students to enter the 21st century workforce are just a few of the issues that have had an impact on the school counseling profession. The growing challenge to meet the demands tomorrow may be there, but our AKAIS counselors are well equipped to handle all.


College Admission Counseling


AKAIS takes every student’s education career seriously. We know that journey ends at grade 12 here, therefore we prepare our students for college during their high school year.

We introduce a number of courses in sciences and business studies to choose from for grades 9-12. Some of the choices are Advance Chemistry and Entrepreneurship, where students get to learn how to operate their own business. We assist with the standardized examinations such IELTS, SAT, ACT exams as well as college shortlisting and completion of applications.

The end result are happy students with a direction and satisfied parents knowing that their children have a bright future ahead!